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Mark Roberts

Tillamook High School
Mark finished his undergraduate studies with the intention of becoming a zookeeper. After several years of working in zoos, he earned his masters in teaching and began working in public education. Now he finds himself teaching electronics, programming, robotics, woodshop, engineering, 3D printing, and CAD (Computer aided design)/ CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) courses. While coaching competitive robotic teams and helping students learn to solve hands on problems, he still finds time to tackle a myriad of animal related projects including angelfish breeding, beekeeping, and coati training.  Experience has taught him that it isn't enough for students to think, and write about their ideas... they need the tools and the freedom to imagine, design, and create. Come learn how Mr. Roberts is facilitating project-based learning through the use of CAD/CAM, and 3D printing at Tillamook High School.

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