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Laura Levin

I started my journey many years ago as a ED-TECH professional, helping teachers use computers in education.
Since those early days, life took me along a different path, while I worked in different IT related management roles for many years.
Four years ago, when I first saw a Makerbot, I fell in love with the technology and the infinite ways it can provide meaningful learning experiences.
Since then, I have gone back to my roots and have been helping educators introduce 3d printing to the classroom and use the technology to provide new learning experiences to their students.
I love creating interdisciplinary content, but my favourite topics are math, physics and brain puzzles.
I also write a blog - www.3dprint-ed.com - entirely dedicated to 3d printing in education. The blog is in Hebrew but an English and Spanish version will be available soon. In the meanwhile, Google Translate can help.

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